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At Empirius we have set ourselves the goal of making life easier for SAP Basis administrators. With BlueCopy, we have achieved this in terms of system copies. Now we are venturing into a new area: managing SAP systems in the cloud, but also in mixed environments (cloud and on-premise).

EPOS offers the possibility of managing SAP system landscapes in a simple and clear way:

Clear display functions provide detailed information about both individual systems and the entire system landscape: from the SID, number and size of systems to the current releases of SAP and database. And also about the status of the respective system: stopped or started. The latter is particularly important in the cloud, as otherwise one of the management goals (everything becomes cheaper) cannot be achieved.

There are also functional processes that optimize the sizing of new systems in the cloud or the time-controlled starting and stopping of systems. This also has the goal of keeping costs in the cloud under control.

With EPOS, we want to make the unknown territory, which SAP operation in the cloud is part of for many, easier and more transparent for SAP administrators and to create trust in SAP operation in the cloud more quickly. Proven processes and automation create routine and trust. Both are important for successful SAP operation.

It is planned to integrate the existing functions such as the automated creation of sandboxes with BlueClone into EPOS. And to find out immediately what costs the new sandbox will cause.

We are currently developing EPOS for Azure with the support of Microsoft. The first release will probably be at the beginning of 2021

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