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Together into the SAP future!
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Together into the SAP future

Our products, BlueCopy and EPOS, have given us a different perspective:

Working with our customers means we're familiar with many different situations, but at the same time we are able to give you the best possible advice - because we aren’t trying to sell you any solution. Put differently, this means that we can offer you vendor-neutral advice.

Through our Managed Services, we deal with questions, application cases and different possibilities on an almost daily basis; but we also deal with questions about the drawbacks and handling of the new SAP "destinations" like RISE, GROW and BTP.

Benefit from our experience and work with us to optimise your SAP Basis processes and SAP infrastructure in four simple steps.



Identifying pain points, working out S/4's opportunities and risks and developing strategic objectives.



Detailing previously developed to-dos and objectives and creating a time/project plan.



Implementing the project with you, monitoring the progress and making any necessary adjustments.



A final evaluation of the project results at the end of the project.

SAP Basis Support

Alongside the development of our software BlueCopy and EPOS, we have been involved in SAP Basis projects since 2005. In doing so, we have always kept our focus on the things that we are good at:

Managed SAP system copies: With or without cloud.
Private cloud in conjunction with SAP, e.g. Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP
Automated deployment of (additional) SAP systems
Heterogeneous SAP migrations, including Unicode
SAP upgrades
Backup and restore, disaster recovery and disaster prevention
Specialised database knowledge (in particular in-depth knowledge of Hana, Oracle and DB2)

Successful customer projects

See some concrete examples of successful customer projects:

Support in the introduction, implementation and use of NetApp snapshot technologies in large SAP landscapes.
Migration (Unicode migration, DB, OS and provider change)
Support in the implementation of a standardised private cloud platform
Support in dealing with compliance issues
Crisis management

Leverage the benefits of BlueCopy in EPOS

The latest version of EPOS, our central management and automation platform, is enhanced by the integration of our "Blue World", which includes BlueCopy, BlueClone, and BlueClient. With just ONE user interface, you can now take advantage of all the benefits of EPOS and our entire range of Blue products.


“ The expectations that we had when we started using the automation tool have been completely fulfilled. It is a benefit to us in many ways. Thanks to the tool, we have been able to effectively implement a number of optimisations.”

Thomas Bauer
Team Leader IT ERP Systems and and Servers, Leonhard KURZ Stiftung

“ With BlueCopy, we were finally able to achieve a significant increase in efficiency in the creation of SAP system copies using a suitable, powerful automation tool in a quick and effective manner.”

Anja Meisner
Senior Systems Engineer, IT Operation, Hannover Rück

“ We have reduced the BDLS runtime of the BW refresh from 6 days to 12 hours together with the Empirius software (used a customized BDLS file) in this run.”

Roy Janssen
SAP Technology Consultant, KPN IT Solutions, Niederlande

“ The support for the product is outstanding. Whenever issues arise, the support team is readily available to provide targeted advice. Additionally, the Fastviewer utilized by Empirius has proven to be very helpful in resolving more complex problems on multiple occasions.”

Björn Ischo
Head of SAP-Basis, q.beyond

“ Support requests, which are on the whole very rare, do not have a response time of 2 or 3 days, but are answered practically immediately.”

Anja Meisner
Senior Systems Engineer, IT Operation, Hannover Rück

“ Using BlueCopy, we can make SAP system copies in just a few hours, instead of days. In addition, manual handling has been reduced to a minimum, thanks to the high-performance automation tool from Empirius.”

Brandan Haines
IT Department, SAP Lead Basis, Cooper Standard, USA

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