Automation Solutions and Services in SAP Basis Area

We provide Automation Solutions and Services in SAP Basis Area. From the very beginning back in 2005, we focus on the topic "Optimal Automation of SAP System copies". We are the only vendor world-wide, who regards this topic as our mission, not only as minor or me-too subject. Up to now! We have finally put together our SAP Basis & automation know-how into a completely new system management solution: EPOS!

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Our Solutions at a glance

  • EPOS Logo

    EPOS is the ONE central solution for automation and management of your SAP Basis.

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  • BlueCopy

    High-precision SAP system copies in seconds by BlueCopy.

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  • BlueClone

    You need a new SAP system with data? Days become hours with BlueClone.

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  • SAP Basis Services

    Our service enables an easy changeover from manual processes to full automation.

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  • SAP Cloud & SAP HANA

    Together into the SAP future! We support you during your flying tricks with HANA 1 or 2 into the cloud.

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“Using this automation tool, all our expectations were fullfilled completely. We benefit in many ways. We were able to achieve several additional improvements. ”

Heiko Burger
Team Manager SAP Technical Operations, Voith IT Solutions GmbH

“With BlueCopy, we were able to quickly and effectively implement the plan to achieve significant increases in efficiency in the creation of SAP system copies using a suitable, powerful automation tool ”

Anja Meisner
Senior Systems Engineer, IT Operation, Hannover Rück

“We have reduced the BDLS runtime of the BW refresh from 6 days to 12 hours together with the Empirius software (used a customized BDLS file) in this run. ”

Roy Janssen
SAP Technology Consultant, KPN IT Solutions, Netherlands

“The product support is very good: In case of problems, the competent employees are ready with target-oriented hints and for more tricky things, the Fastviewer used by Empirius has already proven itself several times: Remote support almost like on-site, but faster and more flexible. ”

Björn Ischo
Head of SAP-Basis, q.beyond, formerly QSC AG

“Support inquires, which are in fact very seldom, do not take 2 or 3 days, but are answered nearly instantly. ”

Anja Meisner
Senior Systems Engineer, IT Operation, Hannover Rück

“Using BlueCopy, we can make SAP system copies in just a few hours, instead of days. In addition, manual handling has been reduced to a minimum, thanks to the high-performance automation tool from Empirius. ”

Brandan Haines
SAP Lead Basis, IT Department, Cooper Standard, USA

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