SAP system and SAP client copies at the push of a button

Create highly accurate SAP system copies in seconds


Quick to install - Easy to use - Fast ROI

SAP Basis teams usually have their hands full. Making copies of SAP systems or SAP clients is neither one of the most productive activities nor is it one of the most popular.

So why not put an end to it? Especially since there is another way to go: BlueCopy lets you schedule system and client copies once - then run them automatically any number of times at the push of a button - freeing up your SAP Basis team to focus on what really matters!

Our aim is to provide you with a well-functioning and easy-to-use automation solution! This starts with easy installation and configuration and goes on with BlueCopy's clear architecture.

Immediately after the half-day installation and configuration, system copies can be made in a much shorter time. We'd be happy to demonstrate this to you in a two day PoC (charged).

BlueCopy highlights

Check run prior to the actual copy
All of the required resources, such as hard disk space, are checked before the first copy is made.
Cloud- and Hana-ready
With our solution, you will be ready for anything - literally.
Table backups
One click lets you back up target system settings, e.g. RFC, ALE, jobs and more.

Guaranteed to work fast

Making copies has never been easier
Make copies from start to finish without the need for additional work from other departments and without interruptions.
Click to adjust
Existing jobs automatically adapt to new environments, e.g. after migrating to Hana.
UserExits give you the ability to seamlessly integrate your specific requirements into the copy process at any point along the way.
Transparent, open and compliant
Open interfaces in all directions and complete traceability of all steps in the process.

Copy SAP systems with ease

Easily copy and clone your SAP systems


Preliminary check of all requirements for a successful SAP system copy



Backup of e.g. technical settings and users



Fully automated restore, recovery and adjustment of the database



Restore saved settings and users, as well as BDLS and data masking.

BlueCopy in brief

SAP system copies that are thought through from start to finish! Pre-checks that reliably check all the prerequisites for a successful copy in just a few minutes. Pre- and post-processing included; custom steps can be easily integrated. On the market since 2005.

Discover more features:

Check run before copy

Check run before copy

Early resource checking allows for stress-free preparation and prevents unexpected bottlenecks.

Agent free & no root access

Agent free & no root access

BlueCopy provides easy and secure system access without the need for additional software or authorization issues.

No change to source systems

No change to source systems

Your data is protected as no changes are made to existing systems.

Standard protocols & Sudo-compatible

Standard protocols & Sudo-compatible

Rely on proven communication channels and benefit from additional security mechanisms.

Audit proof

Audit proof

Our solution has passed all audits and reviews with flying colours.

Centralised management & customisation

Centralised management & customisation

A single point of control simplifies administration, while user exits provide flexibility for your individual needs.

Benefit from BlueCopy in EPOS

BlueCopy is now a part of EPOS! With just ONE user interface, you can now take advantage of all the benefits of EPOS and our entire range of Blue products. Book a free demo today to learn more.


Use Cases

  • Test systems
  • Development systems
  • Shortening release cycles
  • Training purposes
  • SAP upgrade
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • S/4 HANA migration
  • QA improvement
  • Consolidations or joint ventures

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