SAP system copies quickly and fully automated

  • Fully automated system copy - incl. pre- and post-processing Fewer errors, more precision

  • No input from other departments Finally more time for the chronically overloaded IT

  • Transparent and secure Complete traceability of all steps

  • STEP 1


    Check of all pre-requisites for a successful system copy

  • STEP 2


    Backup, e.g. of technical settings and users

  • STEP 3


    Fully automated restore, recovery and adaption of database

  • STEP 4


    Restore of backed up settings and users e.g. BDLS and data masking

Quickly installed – easy interface – fast ROI

It is important to us to provide you a well-functioning and easy to use automation solution! This starts with a clear BlueCopy architecture and does not end with the simple installation and configuration, which is done within half a day. System copies can already be made directly afterwards, with significant added value and shorter processing times. We would be pleased to prove this to you in a two-day (chargeable) PoC.

Key Features

  • Check run before the actual copy All required resources, such as disk space, can be checked long before the copy is made, so that you can create the prerequisites in peace and without stress.

  • Cloud- and Hana-Ready Of course! With our solution you are literally prepared for everything.

  • Table backups With just one click you can save settings of the target system, e.g. RFC, ALE, jobs and much more.

  • Copy at the push of a button Without any input from other departments and without interruptions you can make copies from start to finish!

  • Clicking instead of customizing Existing jobs adapt automatically to new environments, e.g. after a migration to Hana.

  • Individual expandability with UserExits

  • Transparency, openness and compliance Open interfaces in all directions, complete traceability of all steps

Unique Selling Points

Our solution is a product of the first hour. As the first product of its kind on the market since 2005, it has a profound practical experience that ultimately benefits you. Here are some unique selling points:

  • Check run BEFORE the copy

  • No agents

  • NO (!) root privileges required

  • NO (!) changes of source systems possible

  • Standard communication ways (protocols used million times)

  • Additional security features like sudo can be configured

  • No findings during any audit conducted so far (banks, data centers, Service Provider, …)

  • Single Point of Management and Control

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