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Upcoming EPOS Release: What's New

We're in the thick of developing our next release and we're excited to share the planned enhancements with you.

Coming soon

The next EPOS release is shaping up

We're full of ideas – and we're committed to implementing them as swiftly as possible. Many of these will make your experience with the EPOS Server even smoother.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the features you can look forward to.

A fresh look and feel

The UIs of each app have been technically overhauled, presenting a new, unified appearance.

Beyond the fresh aesthetic, another advantage is the simplified process for making modifications.

New EPOS look and feel

System Messages with SM02

SM02 system messages are a vital tool within the SAP system to alert users about upcoming changes.

Now, you can set notifications at any point in the workflow within every EPOS Automation App.

Stay informed effortlessly with email updates about the status of specific processes.

Set up automatic notifications within every EPOS Automation App

Stopping/Starting Systems

The next release will offer the option to send out a system message right before a shutdown/stopping the systems.

Additionally, you can now also completely stop the system, including the operating system.

However, to restart the systems, physical access to the machines will be required.

Stop and Start SAP Systems with EPOS

Dependencies between systems, such as System A needing to be stopped before System B, will be addressed in the new release as well.

Thus, the approach to systems and their maintenance in the system list will fundamentally change in the upcoming release.

Stay tuned for more previews in our "Coming Soon" section!

Sounds interesting?

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are here for you!


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