An overview of our partners

We believe that there can only ever be ONE specialist who can do a certain task best. Therefore, we have partnered up with other companies to hellp us cover certain complementary topics.


Our partners' focus

When performing a system copy, there is often the need to mask data in the target system. We have sought out two partners for this task, each uses a completely different approach. Depending on your exact requirements, the technical approach of our partner Delphix or the application-oriented approach of our partner Natuvion might be better suited for your needs. We will dig into the main differences between the two approaches below.

Another task that has to be completed while copying a system is to restore the customising and ABAP development state of the target system after copying.

This is because development and data freshness run in opposite directions e.g.: In a 3-system landscape DEV>QA>PROD, the PROD system has the oldest development status, as new “things” are developed or tested in feeder systems until they are ready to be taken to the PROD system. In contrast, current data and reports are generated exclusively in the PROD system, which is the reason for the need for a system copy (to test with current data). For the simple approach with a list of transports, we use our own AddOn QueueDiff, whereas we use the product QCopy from our partner company Galileo Group for the 100% exact restoration of the original state, including a check for partial object overlapping and automatic overtaking recognition.

We have broken the process of performing a SAP system copy down into four steps:



This is where we check all the prerequisites for a successful copy.



During this step, many (technical) tables, users and the like are backed up

Main Process

Main Process

The Database is copied from the source to the target system.

Post Processing

Post Processing

Finally, the backed-up tables are restored and the BDLS is run.

The product is actually a 2-in-1 solution: it consists of database virtualization and a data masking solution. The source database is read into Delphix once. From then on, any number of snapshots and clones of this database can be created in a very space efficient manner. When creating clones, the SAP data can be masked using the data masking solution.

In the system copy process shown above, Delphix is used during the main processing step. This means that instead of making a 1:1 copy, Delphix takes care of the entire data provisioning process and masks the data during this stage.

The process of virtualisation and data masking is set up in Delphix beforehand, the whole process is then performed within BlueCopy.

Natuvion approaches the order of the process from a different angle: first the system copy is created following the steps shown below. The data is then masked inline in the system during the last step, right before the system is released. Here, too, the entire process is controlled by BlueCopy.

The scope of data masking must be determined and configured in a small project beforehand.

Step 1: Check
Preliminary check of all requirements for a successful system copy incl. data masking
Step 2: Pre process
Backup of e.g. technical settings, users and TDA configuration
Step 3: Main Process
Fully automated restore, recovery and adjustment of the database
Step 4: Post processing
Restore of the saved settings and users as well as e.g. BDLS and execution of data masking.

Reliable and fast post-processing of a SAP system copy

An important and often time-consuming step after creating a system copy is to restore the transport queue. No transport can be forgotten - all must be restored - and the order of the transports is also crucial. If the sequence is not strictly adhered to, there will be omissions such as e.g. missing table rows.

Automate the recovery of your transport queue

There is an interface between BlueCopyand QCopy to speed up and automate this process.
Use BlueCopy to copy your system while you take a coffee break. QCopy will do the import and restore quickly and correctly:

Fast and secure delta re-import at the push of a button.
Enjoy higher availability of your QA systems and minimise quality risks thanks to the automated process.
Use an automated and pre-configured process that increases the quality of the import volume.

Easy recovery of your transport queue

Automatical identificaton of all missing transports
See list of all missing transports.
Consideration of overtakers
Overtakers are detected and put in the right order.
Manual control
Delete or reorder transports correctly at the push of a button.

Enjoy the benefits of EPOS

Our central management and automation platform, EPOS, has been enhanced in its latest release by the integration of our "Blue-World" products: including BlueCopy, BlueClone and BlueClient. With just ONE user interface, you can now benefit from all the advantages of EPOS and our entire range of Blue products.


“ The expectations that we had when we started using the automation tool have been completely fulfilled. It is a benefit to us in many ways. Thanks to the tool, we have been able to effectively implement a number of optimisations.”

Thomas Bauer
Team Leader IT ERP Systems and and Servers, Leonhard KURZ Stiftung

“ With BlueCopy, we were finally able to achieve a significant increase in efficiency in the creation of SAP system copies using a suitable, powerful automation tool in a quick and effective manner.”

Anja Meisner
Senior Systems Engineer, IT Operation, Hannover Rück

“ We have reduced the BDLS runtime of the BW refresh from 6 days to 12 hours together with the Empirius software (used a customized BDLS file) in this run.”

Roy Janssen
SAP Technology Consultant, KPN IT Solutions, Niederlande

“ The support for the product is outstanding. Whenever issues arise, the support team is readily available to provide targeted advice. Additionally, the Fastviewer utilized by Empirius has proven to be very helpful in resolving more complex problems on multiple occasions.”

Björn Ischo
Head of SAP-Basis, q.beyond

“ Support requests, which are on the whole very rare, do not have a response time of 2 or 3 days, but are answered practically immediately.”

Anja Meisner
Senior Systems Engineer, IT Operation, Hannover Rück

“ Using BlueCopy, we can make SAP system copies in just a few hours, instead of days. In addition, manual handling has been reduced to a minimum, thanks to the high-performance automation tool from Empirius.”

Brandan Haines
IT Department, SAP Lead Basis, Cooper Standard, USA