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Changes to the WebUI in Release 23.11

The new WebUI has been getting a lot of praise lately - here is a quick overview of what's new:

System Copy (BlueWorld)

"The WebUI looks great. Kudos to the developers!" - Such positive feedback is always appreciated! This one came from a customer during the presentation of the new WebUI and the new features of EPOS Server 23.11.

After a few changes and tweaks, this is what the new dashboard looks like now:

With the new release 23.11 BlueCopy is officially fully supported - easy to access via the webbrowser and users can get started straight away. The new features are delivered directly via the latest EPOS Server update - from now on there is no more need for tedious client installations!

The Password Safe Assistant in the WebUI makes it even easier to create users for a system copy of a full system list in EPOS:

create users for system copy
create users for system list

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