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Use Cases

SecNotes Collector App

Make patchday easier with the new SecNotes Collector! Instead of having to provide information on SAP Security Notes as a .csv file and upload it to …

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SAP Basis and SAP infrastructure automation with EPOS, easier than ever.

New redesigned EPOS WebUI

We've redesigned the EPOS Dashboard in order to increase the user-friendliness and give you a better overview of all the functionalities:

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Blue background with text that reads: EPOS Release 23.3 is available. One Server for all Apps. New Release wirh Enhanced Features and Design. Boost up your SAP Processes.

EPOS 23.3 is here!

Upgrade to the latest EPOS Version. As always there are some new and improved features to be found e.g. reporting engine, database patching functions …

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