New SAP-Systems at the push of a button

Create new SAP sandbox systems at top speed!


Installation in 1-2 hours instead of 3-4 days

SAP Basis teams usually have a lot to do. Creating sandbox systems is not one of the most popular or even productivity-enhancing activities.

Time spent creating sandbox systems can be reduced by up to 90% with BlueClone.

Your SAP systems are cloned in a compact way creating system copies that include customization and post-processing.
The automated process ensures the highest quality by eliminating the biggest source of error: manual steps.

How BlueClone works

Check run prior to the actual cloning process
All the necessary resources and technical requirements, such as hard disk space, are checked before the first clone is carried out. This allows you to make the right adjustments if something is not quite right.
Duplicate installation and data
With the built-in copy functionality (optionally also using the copy functionality of the storage), any existing SAP system can be cloned, including the database installation and any other components.
Unique system with its own SID!
The copied system is given its own identity with its own SID and system number. All the necessary adjustments at the operating system level, database level and SAP level are carried out by BlueClone!
Much of the necessary rework, such as RFC or job adjustments, is done by BlueClone.

Get the job done fast

Create sandboxes at the push of a button
Clone from start to finish without the need for additional work from other departments or interruptions.
Click to adjust
Existing jobs automatically adapt to new environments, e.g. after a migration to Hana.
UserExits allow you to seamlessly integrate your specific requirements into the cloning process at any stage.
Transparent, open and compliant
Open interfaces in all directions, full traceability of all steps

Create SAP sandboxes with ease

Easily copy and clone your sandboxes


Preliminary check of all requirements for a successful SAP clone



Preparation of operating system, e.g. creation of technical users



Cloning of volumes, restore, recovery and adjustment of database



Renaming of SAP system everywhere, e.g. in the database

BlueClone in brief

Create new SAP systems with the latest data from the ground up - at top speed and with just a few clicks! Eliminate the need to collect installation media and then copy your system. Instead, do it all in a single step.

Check first, copy second

Check first, copy second

The resource and plausibility checks are even more important and extensive than in BlueCopy.

Agent free

Agent free

BlueClone provides easy and secure access, especially for the highly sensitive root access that is required when cloning for the target system.

Source systems remain unchanged

Source systems remain unchanged

There are no changes to the source systems, so your data is safe.

Standard protocols &  Sudo-compatible

Standard protocols & Sudo-compatible

Rely on proven, secure communication, with the option of additional security, e.g. using sudo

Audit compliant

Audit compliant

Our software solution has passed all audits and reviews without exception.

Central administration & individual customization

Central administration & individual customization

BlueClone uses the same interface as all other Empirius products, makes the management of your SAP system a lot simpler. User Exits make it easy to customise the system.

Benefit from BlueClone in EPOS

BlueClone is now a part of EPOS! With just ONE user interface, you can now take advantage of all the benefits of EPOS and our entire range of Blue products. Book a free demo today to learn more.


Use Cases

BlueClone can be used to create new SAP systems with their own SID (SAP System Identifier) and system number for the use as e.g. sandbox systems or as:

  • Testing Systems
  • Project systems before or after S/4 conversion
  • Mastering S/4 projects on time
  • For training purposes
  • SAP upgrade
  • Business mergers
  • QA also outside of regular transport tracks
  • Improvement of quality assurance (QA)
  • Splitting or spinning off companies

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