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Empirius Planning and Operations Suite

EPOS is THE automation platform for managing, maintaining and servicing your SAP Infrastructure.

THE central solution for your SAP Infrastructure

EPOS provides ONE central interface for the management of your SAP Basis and Infrastructure, allowing for actions to be performed efficiently and fully automated on single or on multiple systems.

E.g., changes made to Kernel Patches or Parameter Settings are carried out while simultaneously being documented in an audit-proof manner.

EPOS offers you all the benefits of our cumulative knowledge and experience in the area of SAP Basis and Automation.

Optimize your SAP operations

Smart System Management
Automate and manage your SAP Basis and Infrastructure processes and workflows in one central location that displays everything you need to know in a clear and concise manner.
Maximize efficiency
Achieve a fast return on investment (ROI) by maximizing the availability of your systems, increasing time and cost efficiency.
Simplify process control
EPOS provides regular monitoring and optimization of your SAP systems through continuous updates and deployments.

Work better, easier and faster

Get the full picture
EPOS offers you structure, order and a quick overview.
All your activities are carried out automatically, logged and documented in an audit-proof manner.
Ease of use
Familiarization in just a few minutes. Get started straight away.
Stay competitive despite skill labor shortage
Free up your existing employees for other tasks.

The all-in-one automation suite

Take your SAP operations to the next level by making use of the ever-expanding features of innovative EPOS Apps.

SAP Kernel Patch on your systems

SAP Kernel Patch on your systems

Update one or more SAP Kernels – including downtime and fallback if necessary.

Compliance check of SAP Parameters

Compliance check of SAP Parameters

Check specific Compliance Parameters to see whether they are set correctly and consistently on your systems.

Deployment & Add Ons

Deployment & Add Ons

Deployment of Add Ons, SAP transports or SAP authorizations (SAP role transports) to your SAP systems.

Diagnostic Agent Update

Diagnostic Agent Update

Deploy or update the SAP DAA component on your systems.

Query or set SAP Profile Paramaters

Query or set SAP Profile Paramaters

Query and set SAP Parameters on your SAP systems, including downtime and fallback if necessary…

Read and display information regarding SAP, DB and OS

Read and display information regarding SAP, DB and OS

Get comprehensive information about SAP, databases or operating systems, e.g. installed patched of all your SAP systems.


“ The expectations that we had when we started using the automation tool have been completely fulfilled. It is a benefit to us in many ways. Thanks to the tool, we have been able to effectively implement a number of optimisations.”

Thomas Bauer
Team Leader IT ERP Systems and and Servers, Leonhard KURZ Stiftung

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Use Cases to achieve new heights

EPOS lets you perform kernel updates, automate profile settings and compliance checks with ease.

SAP Kernel Updates made easy

Update your SAP systems with just a few clicks using EPOS. Select the systems you want to update and EPOS takes care of the rest, including logging.

Manage SAP Profile Settings

EPOS automatically checks and sets SAP Profile Settings and logs all activities. All steps can be traced at any time and are documented in an audit-proof manner.

Compliance Check of SAP Parameters

EPOS checks the status of compliance relevant parameters of your SAP systems; the settings can be extended to suit your needs and the results are documented in an audit-proof manner.


Latest developments in EPOS

Read more on the latest releases, updates and new apps

Use Cases

SecNotes Collector App

Make patchday easier with the new SecNotes Collector! Instead of having to provide information on SAP Security Notes as a .csv file and upload it to …

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Further components at a glance

Among others, EPOS includes the following components:

Modern Web UI

Modern Web UI

Always up-to-date UI in the browser, no deployment necessary.

Passwort Safe

Passwort Safe

For secure access to your SAP Infrastructure.

Connect modules

Connect modules

Automations on every conceivable level: OS, DB, SAP and third-party manufacturers.

Access logging and protection

Access logging and protection

For transparency and traceability.



Keep track of your SAP Infrastructure at all times.

Parallel Execution Engine

Parallel Execution Engine

To speed things along even faster.

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Yes, of course! No need to buy the pig in a poke, better to test our software in your own environment to see whether we truly deliver what we promise. To get the best out of it, we recommend a 2-3 day PoC. During this time, we will instruct you either on site or remotely. After that, you will be able to test EPOS for 4 weeks for free. Interested? Get in touch with our sales team to find out more.

The price will depend on the number of systems you’ll want to manage with EPOS. The following applies: one SID = one system, i.e. including all application servers.

EPOS’ focus is to manage SAP Infrastructures, it is, however, also possible to manage non-SAP systems with EPOS.

Yes, there are interfaces for several tools available, including Ansible and GITLab.

Yes, we offer trainings on the optimal use of EPOS, as part of the implementation process as well as upon request.

We are proud to have a first-rate support team available to our customers. You can reach our support during our business hours via our ticket system, by mail or by phone.

Yes, some well-known large companies already use EPOS to ensure the optimal maintenance of their SAP systems.

We do not advise to install and test on your own. Even though the installation is very easy, it makes much more sense to do the installation and evaluation during a PoC with one of our specialists. See also the question “Can I get a free trial version of EPOS before purchase?”

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