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On October 13, 2020 some members of the Empirius Development Team had heavy stones falling off their hearts, others exhausted fell asleep on their chairs, at the end of the day the whole team was happy:

BlueCopy 10.1 is ready and available.

A sense of relief and pride.A special moment to celebrate with a well deserved glass of champagne.

BlueCopy 10.1 features at a glance:

  • Granular user and authorization concept
  • Copy templates for BlueCopy and BlueClone
  • Kernel update as part of the system copy
  • Flexible handling for additional instances
  • New table sets (table backups)
  • Recovering Hana database passwords
  • Three new UserExit types: Checkpoint, Transport and SQL UserExits
  • Enhanced SAP UserExits (direct specification of report parameters instead of SAP variants)
  • Integration of all UserExits on one tab
  • Skipping of typical, uncritical BDLS errors
  • Integration of many other backup restore tools via so-called Restore-UserExits
  • and more

BlueCopy Users can login to the Customer Area for the release note

New features in BlueCopy 10.1

Permanent extensions especially for HANA and S/4HANA.. As example, HANA-RestoreExit supports more and more backup tools: besides TSM, EMC Networker, Veritas NetBackup also Veeam and Mirco Focus Data Protector. Especially in Azure Recovery Services Vault for MSSQL and HANA is supported. Support for S/4HANA is also being further expanded. BlueCopy Users already make S/4HANA system copies successfully. A new table set is available for SAP Gateway Foundation.

New features in the GUI become visible

The Source and Destination tab has been extended by the possibility to specify application instances which - in case of BlueCopy - should be stopped or started or - in case of BlueClone - should be cloned.
The Copy Settings tab reveals other new features and product options such as BlueCopy+. With this option, database updates or kernel updates can also be performed on the target system as part of a system copy.

A lot has also changed in the area of UserExits. On the one hand, visually: The tabs for the UserExits (OS and SAP UserExits) have been merged. On the other hand, there are three more UserExit types: Checkpoint, Transport and SQL UserExits. SAP UserExits, i.e. SAP Reports, can now be parameterized directly:

Instead of creating cumbersome variants and making sure that these are really available in the respective systems and with the correct content, parameters for the ABAP reports can now be entered directly in the BlueCopy GUI. This also eliminates the problems associated with saving ABAP variants.

Please refer to the documentation for a detailed description.

New with BlueClone

With BlueClone, handling has been simplified, especially in the context of Hana 2.0. Like a car, many things happen under the hood. You can see new features in the GUI, especially in the Copy Settings tab. There the files to be copied are now controlled by flexible copy templates. For the release we start with templates for the databases HANA, Sybase, DB2 and Oracle. This supports the creation of new sandboxes in a simple and efficient way. Not only, but also interesting for SAP users, who are currently implementing S/4HANA. In this context a sandbox is quickly needed.

More Information about BlueClone can be found here:

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