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As more and more of our customers are running SAP systems in the cloud - in whichever one - system copies must also be made in the cloud! Without any ifs and buts: BlueCopy can do that!

It is also completely irrelevant on which side the SAP systems are located. Both SAP systems, i.e. source and target of the system copy, can be in the cloud, but also in a "mixed" environment: i.e. the source in your own data center and the target in the cloud. In a pure cloud environment, the procedure is the same as for copies in pure on-premise environments.
In our experience, two things need to be considered more closely in mixed environments:

First, it is important that the correct ports are enabled. This is solved during the installation of BlueCopy.

On the other hand, the question of where the backup for the restore comes from must be clarified. With this question, one jumps back and forth between both worlds: the "old" on-premise world, in which the source system is usually located and from which the backup also comes, and the "new" world, the cloud, in which the target system is located. Since the target system is located in the new world, the backup must come there. It is best to think about the "how" during installation and determine the procedure. It should be noted that transporting the backup to the cloud takes time, and depending on the network capacity, even a lot of time. But we have also thought about this and developed solutions.

BlueCopy on Azure

For the Azure cloud, we have developed a special Restore UserExit for those of our customers who perform their backup with Azure Recovery Services Vault. This exit has already passed its baptism of fire, as we developed it together with a customer. The only other important thing for the cloud is that Powershell Remoting is available.

The long and winding road - Support on the way to S/4HANA

No, far be it from me to equate this beautiful Beatles classic with the way to S/4HANA.

But on this way new test systems (sandboxes) are needed again and again. We can support you in creating these sandboxes: With BlueClone, sandboxes (new SAP systems for test purposes) can be created automatically. The starting point for BlueClone is an already existing system, which is first copied and then given its own identity (including SID and system number). Advantages of BlueClone are, for example, high performance when creating the sandbox, which has a positive effect on the course of the project. But also the fact that you quickly have two technically identical systems (patch for SAP and DB, ...) and this process is reproducible at any time.
Similar to BlueCopy, BlueClone also allows the systems to be in the cloud, on premise or in a mixed environment.

We would be happy to support you with our experience on your way to the cloud! Talk to us!

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