Apprenticeship with Empirius - Omid’s Story: talent and motivation

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My name is Omid Gholami and I am 22 years old.
It is important in life that you find and pursue your dream job. A job that is connected with passion, because as Steve Jobs says: "without passion you will give up sooner or later".
At the beginning I was not quite clear what I really wanted to become. After various internships in the professional world, including as a child care worker, cook, in the metal and electrical sector, I also did an apprenticeship in IT. That's where I got stuck and I'm now convinced that this is the profession I enjoy most.

In 2018, I started my apprenticeship as an IT specialist, after 18 months I decided to change the company.

I came to Empirius through a good friend of mine who had already successfully completed his training at Empirius. After the first job interview I was determined to change to Empirius.

As a trainee in the profession of IT specialist, in the direction of system integration, I am co-responsible for the supervision of the IT infrastructure. My most important tasks as an administrator are the implementation of servers, making sure that the servers and their services run smoothly, are constantly updated and are up to date. In addition, there are other interesting tasks, such as writing scripts, setting up and monitoring the backup on the servers and, very importantly, ensuring the security of the servers, e.g. maintaining firewalls. With this I support my colleagues in the software development.

At Empirius, I am well supplied with interesting and varied tasks. I also have my own trainer, whom I can always turn to if I get stuck with the tasks or have questions. In addition, there are competent Empirius employees, who are always ready to answer my questions.

The most important for me is that after completing my apprenticeship, I will be a competent IT specialist who will be able to take care of the tasks and challenges of IT in his company.

I would be very pleased to continue working with Empirius after my apprenticeship.

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