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Boost the security of your SAP systems with the SecNotes App

Download relevant SAP Security Notes directly via EPOS and implement incl. results log if desired. The Collector App provides a complete overview of the latest SAP Notes, and contents and gives recommendations based on relevance.


Protect your systems from potential vulnerabilities by keeping your SAP Security Notes up to date.

In order to protect your systems from attacks or from newly identified potential security vulnerabilities, SAP periodically publishes software fixes in form of Security Notes. The EPOS SecNotes App as designed to help you analyse the latest Security Notes, roll the relevant ones out to your systems and automatically implement them for you if desired.

The EPOS SecNotes App is here to help

Our regularly scheduled SecNotes Collector provides the latest information on relevant SAP Notes and analyses them. Note text, scoring, urgency, component reference as well as the entire text of the note – all information is displayed in the SecNotes App.

SecNotes App Overview

This eliminates the need to log into SAP and validate the Notes. The QuickCheck function gives a recommendation of the systems for which the SAP Notes are relevant.

There are two different modes available to process the Notes:

1. Standard mode: "Only Download Notes“

Select the Notes that are of importance and start a job. The Notes, incl. information on dependencies, are downloaded to the systems and are ready for implementation in SNOTE.
You can now implement the Notes manually. Confirm the task within the EPOS job or enter a comment noting why the Note was not implemented.
EPOS checks the implementation and the complete documentation can be found in the finished job.

2. Expanded mode - "Implement Security Notes"

This mode lets you choose how you want to create the transports.
You can choose between: create one request per Note, collect all Notes of the current Patch Day into one request, or use a predefined transport.
You can also specify the clients in which the request is to be created:

Selection of the client in which the request is to be created

Once the job has been configured and is in live run, the Notes will be implemented via SAP FuBa. Notes with dependencies are taken into account and are implemented as well. Should one of the Notes require manual action, EPOS will stop the job with a so called “UserAction” and will output the text stating what needs to be done before it can continue.

After the job is restarted, the implementation is checked and the results are displayed in the results log.

Results log

Automate your SAP notes management with EPOS:

• Get information pertaining to Security Notes via the SecNotes Collector
• Simple and user-friendly user interface
• Performs checks and only downloads relevant Notes to the individual systems
• All information is contained in a single tool, including SAP Security Notes
• Provides a complete overview of the entire customer landscape

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