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SecNotes Collector App

Make patchday easier with the new SecNotes Collector! Instead of having to provide information on SAP Security Notes as a .csv file and upload it to the server, you can now schedule the Collector to do it for you.


Using the EPOS SecNotes Collector, you can automatically download SAP Security Patches and check them for relevance.

Based on an SAP system provided by you in the environment (this can be a sandbox or the Solution Manager), we can automatically provide all information concerning SAP Security Notes . To do this, EPOS accesses specific pages on the Internet via the EPOS server and automatically downloads the required information.

In order to make the information available to you, the notes are downloaded and analysed on the reference system. The results are then fed into the EPOS database. Based on this information, you can then easily view the reference text in the SecNotes, including meta information such as priority, CVSS score, affected components and number of corrections. In addition, there is a built-in feature that allows you to see at a glance whether there is a need for manual action to be taken in order to implement this note.

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