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It's spring time!

... updates are flourishing already! Shortly before release 10.3 - probably on 21. April 22 - there's an intermediate step today in the form of release 10.2.5 with some small fixes from the practical use.

System Copy (BlueWorld)

... updates are flourishing already! In 10.2.5 there are a few fixes to Hana Privileges, ClientCopy, improved instance handling and even more. As always, you can find all the details about the changes in the release notes in the customer area, just like the software itself!

As the installation is really very fast, easy and smooth, we recommend all customers to update!.

If you want to have a preview of the upcoming news of 10.3:

  • Use of the Matrix-BDLS report, which does all conversions in one go and thus saves even more, the more logical systems you want to convert
  • Separately single tables can be converted in parallel to save even more time
  • BDLS monitoring has been greatly improved
  • Even further LDAP integration, i.e. BlueCopy roles can now also be managed in LDAP
  • Direct and easy email notification, even directly in each job
  • New GUI
  • And some more ...

In the meantime, the whole Empirius team wishes you a lot of fun with 10.2.5!

Sounds interesting?

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are here for you!


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