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New Design & Logo Update

We are very proud to present you our web presence in the new design. Everything will be easier and more clearly structured. And that's not all: Our company logo has also been discreetly modernised and much more besides. What exactly, you can read on the inside.

System Copy (BlueWorld)

New Design on our Website

At first glance, we have brought our website into shape: Everything is clearly arranged, structured and thus simpler, true to our company motto "The Simple Solution Company". Of course the new appearance has finally been optimized for mobile devices. In a few days the English language site will also go online.

Our Company Logo

Our company logo has also been discreetly modernised: The colour-coded right half of the letter "M" radiates a spring-like freshness and innovative power. At this time of year, nature is bursting with power, and that is what we want our company to do. Let us surprise you with what we will present soon!

New Name: BlueCopy

Now that we are further simplifying everything, our system copy product also gets a new, simpler name: BlueSystemCopy becomes BlueCopy

Previously, our product suite was called BlueCopy Suite, in the future we will only call it BlueSuite.

Ois Easy!

(… as we say in Bavaria for a carefree living)

As you can see, everything becomes easier with us, and this does not only apply to the outward appearance: We are constantly working on making our products even better, more logical, more consistent, less maintenance.

Sounds interesting?

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are here for you!


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