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Data Masking

Success story: masking of highly sensitive patient data for Klinikum Stuttgart.
Learn more about our approach, the importance of this topic and the experiences of the hospital.

System Copy (BlueWorld)

Data Masking

Current data from the productive system is needed for tests, regular training and education. However, for data protection reasons, the original data must not be recognised as such. It is therefore necessary to mask the data.

We, the team of Empirius, are specialists in the topics of data masking of (patient) data and automated system copies.
If you need to make your productive personal data compliant with data privacy regulations or protect your business secrets, we could help you. We take care of the process and have the right scenario for your applications.

One of many examples is masking of personal data, e.g. for training and education in hospitals and clinics. We also want to present the topic for you in a structured and easily illustrated way.

Our solution - SAP system copies including data masking

Together with our partner for data masking, Natuvion, we have a solution for this problem: Through system copies in which the masking of the data is integrated, the original data is masked in such a way that noisy new fictitious patients and medical cases are created and the original data is no longer recognised. Every time the training system or the QA system is set up, the current data is copied by system copy and masked as part of the system copy. This means that current cases are available without violating the data protection of the individual.

This is what the patient data looks like in the productive system:

And this is what the patient data then looks like in a training system:

Success story with Klinikum Stuttgart

The Klinikum Stuttgart already trusts in our solution. We implemented a successful project for the hospital and masked patient data for the training system and trainings at the hospital. A complete success!

The hospital is thrilled:

"The first training went well. Really good!!!! Thanks to all involved!!! The participants who were on their wards last week were only surprised about the "new" patients. That is a success!!!"
– Mr. Bunzel, Klinikum Stuttgart, responsible for trainings

If this topic is also close to your heart and there is a need for action, we would be pleased to receive your feedback. Especially with personal data, e.g. of patients, the masking of data is an important and a highly sensitive issue, which we solve in three simple steps.

If you also see a need for action in this regard, please contact us at any time via email!

Let's tackle the project together and contact us today by email!

Sounds interesting?

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are here for you!


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