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BSI Debunks the Password Change Myth

I have been preaching it for a very long time! Finally, the BSI confirms it: Changing passwords regularely is nonsense! That's why: Because a very tiny and neglectible detail was not taken into consideration: The human factor, the weakest part in the chain ...

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Actually quite logical: The ever-increasing number of accounts and the ever-increasing security requirements for password length and complexity mean that they are written down or recycled according to regular patterns.

The BSI and also other (European) authorities have so far not been officially drawn into making a statement because it would involve a rat tail: What if damage is caused by a false recommendation? Is professional liability insurance liable if a company does not follow the official recommendations of a government authority?

Finally - rarely enough - common sense has prevailed, at least for a short time ;-)

The whole message is available at heise security news (article in german).

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