Maximum freedom through automation solutions

  • Save Time! Individual and tailor-made automation solutions

  • Expert knowledge and expertise 15 years of experience in customer projects

  • Comprehensive service offer e.g. standardized procedures for heterogenous migrations

  • Distribute config files fast and with full controll

  • Manage privileged access data centrally

  • Automat. monitoring, e.g. heterogeous migrations

  • Your individual automation solution

SAP Basis-Services

In addition to our BlueCopy product, we have also been involved in SAP basis projects for many, many years. During that time, we have always focused on the things we are good at:

  • Managed SAP system copies: with or without cloud

  • Cloud in connection with SAP, e.g. Microsoft Azure

  • Automated provisioning of (additional) SAP systems

  • Heterogeneous SAP migrations, also Unicode

  • SAP Upgrades

  • Backup and Restore, Disaster Recovery and Disaster Readiness Planning

  • Special database knowledge (particularely deep Oracle, DB2 and Hana)

Successful customer projects

So that you can see that we do not only know nice words, here are a few practical examples from customer projects

  • Support of introduction, implementation and use of NetApp snapshot technologies (SMSAP, SnapCreator) in big SAP landscapes

  • Support of migration to NetApp cDot

  • Relocation: Unicode-Migration, DB-, OS- and provider change. Please, find an example here: Großumzug - Migration im großen Stil

  • Support of implementation of a standardized, private cloud platform

  • Support with compliance questions

  • IT crises management

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