New Service Offers

A new service we're offering is training and custimized service all around our products, like the following


  • best practices for BlueCopy suite
  • BDLS runtime optimization
  • copying in complex SAP landscapes
  • heterogeneous migrations: analysis and planning
  • creation of operation concepts for Hana based SAP landscapes
  • support during implementation and use of NetApp snapshot technologies (SMSAP, SnapCreator) into your SAP landscape
  • support for migration to NetApp cDot
Heterogeneous SAP Migrations


In newsletter #01 / 2104 we told you about our big project of last year, the migration of NordLB (german financial service company) into Financial Cloud of FI-TS (article in german only, sorry).

Taking away the experiences and knowledge from this endeavour, we now can offer you a solid service package, consisting of

  • standardized project structure and workflow
  • toolbox with special tailored tools, supporting you before, during and after migration, e.g. analysing tools and automated consistency checks

Goal of this package is the seemingly impossible balancing act of lowering costs and not only holding your quality standards, but improving them!
Our experienced and certified OS/DB migrators are trained for this standardized and field-tested method and are eager to use it also on your migration project and helping your employees.

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