Blue​​​​SystemCopy​​​NG: SAP System Copies - the Next Generation!

Everybody is doing SAP System Copies and is doing it in exact the same manner. "That is only half the truth.", we say! You do not believe us? In this case, you should continue to read, what Blue​​​​​SystemCopy​​​​​NG does differently!

Blue​CopySuite is more than only System Copies

Full focus on Copies - nothing else matters!

Blue​​​​SystemCopy is a product of day one: It goes back to the year 1999, an so it has a hefty dose of real life experience, i.e. practice from many customer projects. We take care of - and only take care of - system copies and things tightly related to it, e.g. heterogeneous system migrations, system relocations and consolidations. We incorporate all of this knowledge into our products.

A complete family - a story that lives

In the meantime, Blue​​​​System​​​Copy got some sisters and brothers:

  • BlueClone
  • BlueUserCopy and BlueAnon
  • Blue​LandscapeCopy
  • BlueInstall
  • BlueClientCopy

To take just one example: We have learnt that not only it is important to do a single, isolated System Copy, but it is required to copy a whole landscape in parallel, and especially: synchronously. The result is BlueLandscapeCopy

Clicking is easier than customizing: New jobs and systems with only a few clicks

Instead of customizing every new or changed system copy with in-depth knowledge, you are able to adapt all setting just with a few clicks! This is possible because we determine all relevant parameters automatically and respond accordingly. Built-in intelligence instead of a loose collection of hundreds of single steps, where nobody knows of the others. If this is your requirement, we can recommend a good job scheduler :-)
Your advantage: No configuration errors.

Integrated job logic instead of customizing

Using above-mentioned integrated job logic, error situations can be handled much better. The result is a very granular restart ability that benefits from more than 15 years of product experience.

Single Point of Management&Control

Following our company vision "The Simple Solution Company", our solution only has two components: A central and very lightwight BlueCopySuite Server, where all the data is stored centrally and a fancy GUI for visualizing and control. If updates are required, only two components need to be updated at the utmost.
We NEVER even considered having agents on the SAP systems! And it will stay that way in the future.

Best of Breed

We focus on our core skills: systemcopies and tightly related topics. For special tasks, we are always looking for the best product available in the market and put our energy into integrating it into our product as good as possible.
Best example is BlueAnon: For very sensitive HR data, we are using a well-proven product of FIS. This partner company has proven its HR competency since many years.
Your benefit: Not only data scrambling, but real anonymisation.


Nowadays, starting on a blank slate is not possible it the IT: Therefore it is even more important that a new product integrates optimally into the existing infrastructure. We support this as good as possible by only using open industry standards:

  • Communication via SOAP-API
  • LDAPv3 Integration
  • Further open interfaces for Windows and Unix: Scripting using sh, perl, powershell, to name a few
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Comprehensive log files with customizable detail level
  • Integration of NetApp FlexClone™, IBM TSM™, brbackup™ and Co.

And last but not least: You will be enabled to adapt systemcopies individually to your needs on your own. This is an important aspect of our openness! You do not need an implementation project, in order to unlock the benefits of our solution. Instead, you reduce your efforts at the very first systemcopy! That's our promise!

Your advantage: An expensive and bad investment is impossible!

For more information

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Questions and Answers

Your Key Benefits:
  • end-to-end automation
  • integration and performance-optimization of BDLS
  • supports ABAP- and Java-Stacks
  • Keep SAP settings in target system
  • dramatic reduction of time, effords and complexity
  • maximum precision at the push of a button

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