Conigma™ QCOPY

Automated adaption of import queues after a SAP® System Refresh/Restore

In order to ensure that their SAP consultants are provided with up-to-date test data, the IT department in many companies have to copy the SAP production system back to the SAP quality assurance (QA) system several times each year. However, after the productive system has been copied to the QA system, all software components which were not installed in the productive system yet, but were already in the QA system, must be recreated, to ensure that no program modifications or adaptations were lost while copying the data.


Time is money!

Instead of timeconsuming work with Excel sheets or asking the developers Conigma QCOPY supports an efficient, automatic and error-free process regarding the reconstruction of import queues of the QA system!

Overtakter are considered!

If there are any overtakers Conigma QCopy recognizes them and reimports these transports in the correct sequence.


Intuitive graphical user interface

An intuitive GUI makes it possible ot filter out transports that should not be imported again.

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