SAP-User from A to B - Usermigration made easy!


BlueUserCopy enables you to choose various options when migrating users from arbitrary SAP systems.


Choose the set of users

Using BlueUserCopy you can either back up all users from a system or just a selected subset of them.


Merge or Copy of Usersets

During the restore of previously saved users you can choose to either merge with the already existing users of a system or to restore the system to reflect the user et of the backup system (copy).


Mass reset to an initial user password

To avoid the need of possibly resetting a lot of user passwords manually, BlueUserCopy enables you to mass reset user passwords to an initial default value.




Your key benefits:
  • easy backup of existing users
  • save either all or a selection of users
  • backup out of any SAP system
  • choose merging with or copy over existing users
  • mass reset user passwords to an initial value


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