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Technical Questions


Q: How does the infrastructure look like?

A: We have a central server and a local client component (GUI) for administration. Find the chart here.


Q: Which steps are done by BlueSystemCopy?

A: (Almost) every step. BlueSystemCopy means end-to-end automation of a system copy. From the very first step of preprocessing on the target system, the proper copy of the database (including renaming of database and recovery) up to postprocessing on the target system all steps are done by BlueSystemCopy.


Q: Is the software installed within SAP?

A: No. Because BlueSystemCopy is doing elementary things, like restoring the backup files, it has to run beside SAP and also has to run if the SAP is down or deleted.


Q: Which operating systems do you support?

A: Linux, Unix and Windows (Server), and Windows on the client side.


Q: Which databases are supported?

A: Oracle, DB2, MaxDB, Sybase ASE and HANA on Unix. Oracle, DB2, MaxDB, Sybase ASE and MS SQL Server on Windows.


Q: Which SAP- and database releases are supported?

A: SAP Release 4.6C up to 7.50, DB2 up to 11, Oracle up to 12c, MS SQL Server up to 2012, Max DB 7.6 to 7.9, Sybase ASE 16, HANA


Q: Does BlueSystemCopy support all SAP system types?

A: Basically yes. Exceptions at the moment are XI/PI and NWDI. Because these system types do not have application date, their is actually no reason to copy them.


Q: Do we need dedicated hardware?

A: No. BlueSystemCopy can be easily installed on every existing hardware. It needs very less resources. Ideally you install it on a central server within the network, i.e the Solution Manager.

Your Key Benefits:
  • end-to-end automation
  • integration and performance-optimization of BDLS
  • supports ABAP- and Java-Stacks
  • Keep SAP settings in target system
  • dramatic reduction of time, effords and complexity
  • maximum precision at the push of a button

Questions and Answers

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