Is this real precision? Better:


automates SAP system copies at the push of a button which usually take a lot of time and manual efford. Thus the administrator saves useful time in which he can do other tasks already.

Simplifies SAP system copies - generates flexibility

Push-button copy

Execution within seconds without intervention by administrator at topmost precision

Preventive resource check

Avoid any error caused by missing resources or incompatibilities

Highest degree of automation

Preprocessing, cleanup and postprocessing are done by BlueSystemCopy

Table backup

Table settings you want to keep on the target system are backed up prior to the restore of the database and automatically restored afterward.

Intuitive GUI

Provides operating safety and avoids handling errors. Realtime control during the copy phase as well as permanent logging.

OS UserExits

Allow including of individual automation requests at operating system level, i.e. starting the restore of the database, individual pre- or postprocessing jobs as well as sms or email notification.

SAP UserExits

Starts individual actions (ABAP-Reports) in the SAP® before and/or after the system copy, i.e. starting the BDLS.




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Questions and Answers

Your Key Benefits:
  • end-to-end automation
  • integration and performance-optimization of BDLS
  • supports ABAP- and Java-Stacks
  • Keep SAP settings in target system
  • dramatic reduction of time, effords and complexity
  • maximum precision at the push of a button

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