Automatically test and document your processes – easy and efficiently

  • Automatic test procedure faster roll-outs and dev cycles, shorter projects

  • Audit-proof documentation of your tests Keep track of any, even smallest test step

  • Usable for training, e.g. of new staff Benefit of recorded procedures and process documentation

Organize tests of your roll-outs and processes efficiently

Qualibrate is based on the principle of flows and scenarios, which you can imagine like building blocks.

With Qualibrate you capture a flow, e.g. the creation of a quotation or a sales order. You can combine several of these flows to one scenario and thus test even complex processes. The modular approach of Qualibrate helps you to achieve easy and efficient maintenance as well as fast roll-outs.

  • Individual marking of your processes, e.g. with a status or user-defined tags

  • Easily organize your workflows in end-to-end scenarios

  • Intuitive maintenance of your flows and scenarios via the simple drag-and-drop interface

Learn more in our videos

Qualibrate Intro

Qualibrate Demo

You can find more information about Qualibrate in our data sheet

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