Virtualization of databases

  • Accelerate roll outs of new releases using fast and secure data

  • System copies even faster using the highly efficient Delphix plattform

  • Virtual data from production, always up-to-date with the help of permanent updating

Agile and efficient management of test environments

The Delphix plattform virtualizes your data: SAP and Non-SAP.

Here the Delphix engine is supplied from the productive databases. First, the productive databases are copied and then their data is updated cyclically. From this, virtual databases (VDBs) with arbitrary start times can then be provided. This allows your teams to test and develop independently with the CDBs.

In addition, the virtual databases do not require any additional storage. This makes you less dependent on expensive hardware and also more flexible and faster in the provision of new developments and roll-outs. Regardless of whether on premise or in the cloud. Likewise, the data can be masked in a GDPR-compliant manner.

Make managing and developing within your test environments time-saving and smart:

  • Save your money with virtualized databases and non-disruptive synchronization of multiple heterogeneous data sources

  • Reset data after tests to the original time and start a test iteration at the same conditions

  • Benefit with fast dispatching of new systems and immediate provision of data for your software test environments

  • Stay on the safe side with automatic detection and masking of your confidential data values

„The only platform for DataOps in the cloud that combines data compliance with on-demand data delivery.“

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