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Many companies deal with the topic of test automation. And are looking for a solution that primarily increases the quality of tests, while minimising risks and ultimately reducing the cost of testing. With Qualibrate, we at Empirius have added a solution for test automation to our portfolio, which seamlessly connects to the process of providing test systems through system copies.

What is Qualibrate?
With an easy-to-use interface, business processes can be recorded and all user actions and input data are stored. The output of this recording serves three purposes:

  • The test automation and the acceleration of tests: The number of manual interventions is noticeably reduced. The recorded tests can be repeated several times
  • Business process documentation: Each step is automatically documented when the tests are carried out. On the one hand, the documentation helps certified companies with audits, on the other hand, the person responsible for testing can check test results and also receives an up-to-date status of the tests already carried out or still pending in the dashboard (see diagram) at any time.
  • User training: The documentation created can also be used to train new employees in business processes.
Qualibrate Dashboard
Diagram: Qualibrate Dashboard

Test cases can be easily maintained: You can adapt and modify them, upload business data and use the recording steps to present a wide variety of scenarios. The business process represents the generally valid source of knowledge: It ensures that tests, documentation and training scenarios are always synchronised, up-to-date and ready for use.

The agility with which the test processes can be automated is impressive: Quick installation, low training effort.

Curious? Then, please watch the short videos or contact us for a demo: info@empirius.de

Short Intro

After the short introduction, you can now watch the following video to see how the tool looks like in practice.

Recorded Live Demo

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