Release 10.3 available!

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Since the installation is really quick, easy and trouble-free, we recommend all customers to update!

10.3 contains many interesting new features and functions:

eMail Alerting

  • Notification when an error, checkpoint or breakpoint occurs, when a 'User Action' is required or simply at the end of the job to say: system copy was successful.
Email Notification in Outlook

Lock user

  • Either right at the beginning of the copy or only after the restore.
  • Exclude lists: Either individual users or entire user classes
lock user

Further BDLS optimisation

Although 10.2.5 already contained improvements in this point, we have gone one better:

  • Performance improvements
  • Matrix report - summary of all BDLS conversions of a client in a BDLS matrix
  • BDLS job parallelisation (more control, set upper limit)
  • Individual handling of large tables
  • Further improved monitoring
BDLS Tab in UI

LDAP/AD integration

  • Improved user handling, e.g. create/delete/block users
  • New role and group handling

Enhancement of UserExits

  • All exit types are included in 10.3!
  • Enhancements to ABAP Report Parameter Sets:
  • Plausibility check during input
  • Display of default values
  • Signed OS UserExits: All OS exits are delivered signed.

New AddOn: QueueDiff

Automatic determination of missing transports until the transports are imported

  • Automatic determination of the transport delta
  • Building up the transport buffer and importing the transports according to SAP system copy
  • Possibility of manual intervention at various points
  • Adjustment even when setting up a sandbox (reference SAP ID)

We offer an expert seminar on both BDLS and QueueDiff!
BDLS on 10 May at 16:00,
QueueDiff probably on 28.06.22

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