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In our latest release of BlueCopy, we have focused primarily on the technical foundation and improved many areas. This gives you an even more stable solution for your system copies.

This includes the "perl stack" with all its libraries, e.g. now included is LibSSH2 version 1.90 and the support of PowerLinux. Moreover, BlueCopy server now can use any Powershell version from 2.0 to 7, formerly called "Powershell Core", the latter one can be updated independently of the operating system.

As part of the modernisation measures, we unfortunately had to discontinue support for AIX on our BlueCopy Server. However, support for AIX is still available until the end of this year. Of course, this only applies to our BlueCopy Server. You still can handle any SAP system on every platform supported by SAP.
The new version 10.2 for AIX is only available on request and without the modernised components (with certain restrictions, e.g. no LibSSH2 support).

With the release of version 10.2, support for version 9.4 enters the 6-month grace period. We therefore recommend that you update to V10.1 or 10.2 as soon as possible. You can find more information about the release in the ... release notes :-) in the customer area.

BlueCopy 10.2 innovations at a glance:

  • Upgrade of basis components
    • Support for newer operating systems and their sub components such as SLES 15, PowerShell, LibSSH2
  • Shipment of BlueCopy for Linux/PPC64le
  • Support of Powershell 7 (formerly Powershell "Core")
  • Improved Usability
    • User manual available in the GUI
    • Additional guides on specific topics available in the GUI, too
  • Introduction of delta TableSets
    • User-defined changes to standard TableSets w/o modification
    • Excluding TableSets with wildcards
  • Extensions of BlueCopyPlus
    • Copy template support for Windows/Oracle (for SAP and DB templates)
  • Extensions of wsutil
    • Utility for controlling BlueCopy via API (start job, stop job, copy job, etc.)
  • SpaceCheck for HANA database files
  • Improvements of the Installer

Upgrade directly to a new level for your system copies!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at any time. We are here for you!

The Empirius-Team

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