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Originally, only meant as fix releases, we ended up adding a few new features and enhancements, too.

In this article we would like to briefly introduce these features to you:

ABAP Report Parameter Sets (ARP Sets):

A “Remarks” field has been added to make it easier to distinguish between the individual ARP sets. In addition, it is now possible to change the default values centrally in the ABAP Report Parameter Set and save them as a template.

It is, however, still possible to change the centrally set default values within individual jobs, according to what is relevant for the job:

Further BDLS optimization: duplicate key error

Entries that lead to duplicate key errors are corrected and the failed BDLS job is then automatically restarted.


  • BDLS job aborts
  • BDLS log is checked to see if duplicate key error occured
  • Identification of table and field from BDLS log
  • Identification of existing rows of keys which only differ in the log. system and exist with the old as well as with the new log. system
  • Identified rows that contain the new log. system are removed
  • BDLS job is restarted

Db2: Progress indicator during restore

With large amounts of data, the restore takes a correspondingly long time. Until now, it was not possible to see how far the restore had progressed once the “redirected restore” script had been started. In phase 6510, we have added a new step: "Starting monitoring of database restore".

Here’s an example:

Customizable password for SAPLOGON fallback user

If no explicit user is specified for access to SAP, then a BLUECOPY user is temporarily created for the duration of the job and will be deleted again once the job is finished. Until now, a password generated by BlueCopy has been used here.
From now on, it will also be possible to save a password for this user in the PasswordSafe using the free text role "SAPLOGON". To activate this feature, the command line parameter "SAPLOGINCUSTOMPW=YES" must be set either directly in the job (Expert Settings tab) or in the bsc.config configuration file.

Backup of recipient addresses from inbound processing (Transaction SCOT)

When the SCON table set is activated, in addition to the rest of customizing, the recipient addresses (inbound processing in transaction SCOT) are restored.

HANA: Use of deactivated users for GRANT of EXPORT / IMPORT rights

Provided that HANA users stored in the PasswordSafe are authorized to do so, BlueCopy will use these stored users to temporary assign EXPORT/IMPORT rights. The new release allows for deactivated users to also be used for this purpose, provided that they, plus an additional user, with USER ADMIN rights are maintained in the PasswordSafe.

Operation using the example of the deactivated user SYSTEM:

  • User with "USER ADMIN" rights: Activates the user SYSTEM
  • User SYSTEM: Assigns EXPORT or IMPORT right to the SCHEMA user
  • SCHEMA-User: Performs the table export or import
  • User SYSTEM: Removes EXPORT or IMPORT right from the SCHEMA user again
  • User with "USER ADMIN" rights: Deactivates the user SYSTEM again

Windows: Use a different directory for dumps

On Windows servers the default directory %SystemRoot%\temp is used as WRKDIR and could be changed up to now.

However, it is now possible to use a new parameter "windumpdir" to at least put the DBExport/R3trans dump files on a user-defined directory.
To do this, you need to add the command line parameter windumpdir=<directory for table export dump> to the expert settings in the job itself.
It is also possible to store it centrally as default in the configuration file bsc.config on the BlueCopy server (windumpdir=<directory for table export dump>), then it will apply to all jobs.

As always, we recommend that all customers update to the new release version to take advantage of all the benefits. Important: The update is quick, easy and hassle-free.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if any questions should arise. We are here to help!

Mail to: Support
T: +49 89 44 23 723 23

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