SAP system copies quickly and fully automated

  • Fully automated system copy - incl. pre- and post-processing
    Fewer errors, more precision
  • No input from other departments
    Finally time for the chronically overloaded IT
  • Transparent and secure
    Complete traceability of all steps

SAP system copies quickly and fully automated

Step 1: ChecksStep 2: Pre-ProcessingStep 3: Main ProcessingStep 4: Post Processing

Quickly installed – easy interface – fast ROI

It is important to us to provide you a well-functioning and easy to use automation solution! This starts with a clear BlueCopy architecture and does not end with the simple installation and configuration, which is done within half a day. System copies can already be made directly afterwards, with significant added value and shorter processing times. We would be pleased to prove this to you in a two-day (chargeable) PoC.


Key Features

  • Check run before the actual copy: All required resources, such as disk space, can be checked long before the copy is made, so that you can create the prerequisites in peace and without stress.
  • Cloud- and Hana-Ready: Of course! With our solution you are literally prepared for everything.
  • Table backups: With just one click you can save settings of the target system, e.g. RFC, ALE, jobs and much more.
  • Copy at the push of a button: Without any input from other departments and without interruptions you can make copies from start to finish!
  • Clicking instead of customizing: Existing jobs adapt automatically to new environments, e.g. after a migration to Hana.
  • Individual expandability with UserExits
  • Transparency, openness and compliance: Open interfaces in all directions, complete traceability of all steps


Unique Selling Points

Our solution is a product of the first hour. As the first product of its kind on the market since 2005, it has a profound practical experience that ultimately benefits you. Here are some unique selling points:

  • Check run BEFORE the copy
  • No agents
  • NO (!) root privileges required
  • NO (!) changes of source systems possible
  • Standard communication ways (protocols used million times)
  • Additional security features like sudo can be configured
  • No findings during any audit conducted so far (banks, data centers, Service Provider, …)
  • Single Point of Management and Control

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